#43, 44, 45 and 46

We just got back from our biggest trip as far as knocking off new resorts.  By the numbers:

Telluride groomer, March 2015

Telluride groomer, March 2015

We had been trying to plan this trip starting 2 months prior, but snow has been elusive this year and our original idea changed from Idaho, then to Northern Utah and then finally settled on Southern Utah and Colorado just a week before we left.  We prefer to drive and stay in the truck camper, but with the long distances and amount of ground we had to cover we decided to just take the car and hotel it.

Just a week before we went the 4 areas we went to got pounded with new snow and the coverage and snow conditions were excellent at all of them.  This was our first time skiing Telluride together, and we both decided it will probably win the overall best resort in North America in our rankings.  The place has everything, including (but not limited to):  Steep groomers, vast off-piste expert terrain, an authentic Victorian mining town, a fantastic modern mountain village, and views that you never get tired of.

This will be our last road trip of the 2014/2015 ski season.  It’s getting warm now and we don’t generally travel to ski slush.  Some of the Tahoe resorts are closed already in this historically bad snow year, but we do expect to get at least 2-4 more days before we hang them up for the season.

Town of Telluride, March 2013

Town of Telluride, March 2015

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