Heavenly on Feb 23-24 and a new review

Skied Heavenly on Feb 23-24 with our friend Bria.  She is from Australia and loves skiing Tahoe and the Bay Area.  Her husband Tyler was taking an Avalanche 1 course at Kirkwood.  We plan to do some backcountry skiing if it ever snows again.  After an incredible start to the season, in the past 2 months we have only had about 40-inches of snowfall, which is nothing by Tahoe standards.  Still, the conditions at Heavenly were pretty good and as a bonus they groomed the double-black East Bowl on Saturday.  Both days were COLD, but Sunday was windy AND cold, which kept some of the crowds away.

I put up a new review today: Alpine Meadows, California.

Tomorrow we head to Park City for 2 days at The Canyons, and one at Snowbird.  AiRung has never skied Snowbird, so it will be another new resort from the list.

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